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NutriSource Chicken & Pea Grain Free Dry Dog Food 30lb

Nutri Source
131140 | Our Item No. 721140
NutriSource Chicken & Pea Grain Free Dry Dog Food 30lb

NutriSource Chicken & Pea Grain Free Dry Dog Food 30lb

Nutri Source
131140 | Our Item No. 721140

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NutriSource® Chicken & Pea Grain Free Dry Dog Food 30lb
Chicken & Chicken Meal Protein

  • Grain Free | Potato Free
  • Our revolutionary supplement system, Good 4 Life, includes 4 key ingredients. They work together to condition, repair and promote gut health in all animals-often improving health with the first feeding.
  • Bio-available for your beloved pets growth and development.
  • Cooked with humanely certified chicken.
  • From our family to yours - family owned means we can make decisions based on what's best for your family pets!

NutriSource® Grain Free Chicken and Pea formula is ideal for all breeds and all life stages. NutriSource® Grain Free Chicken and Pea formula delivers super premium nutrition in a holistically formulated, easy-to-digest, low glycemic food. We combine humanely certified chicken, low-ash chicken meal North American farmed peas with carefully selected holistic ingredients to promote balanced growth and unparalleled health for your pup. Health of your beloved pet is our #1 priority and our unmatched use of Alltech Good 4 life supplements guarantees you won't have any gas or runny stool issues and a healthier immune system, we guarantee it. Bio-availability is important to your pets long-term health so we created a highly digestible, nutrient dense morsel with approximately +85% digestibility. With NutriSource® you can feed less and get more nutrition - Health begins here!

Skin and Coat
Unparalleled absorption of trace minerals greater than 85% through use of organically produced BIOPLEX guarantees a richer more vibrant coat within 9-12 weeks.

Odor Control
Our brands use a special prebiotic called Bi-Mos™ that destroys the pathogenic gut bacteria that causes gassy odors, loose stools, vomiting, and other sensitive-stomach issues. Bio-Mos is scientifically proven and supported by 733 research trials. We use only the best because we love our furry friends as much as you do.

Good 4 Life, a combination of powerful natural supplements Unique to NutriSource gives your animal a health advantage over any other foods.- Health starts with the first feeding.

Brain Food
We use a 98% bioavailable organic Selenium called Sel-Plex a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory agent reduces plaque in brain tissue.

Low Glycemic
Our low glycemic ingredients promote proper blood sugar levels in order to avoid risks of diabetes and obesity

Nutrient Dense
We believe in biologically available foods. Our gourmet meals are cooked to retain more nutrition with minimal processing.

Rotational Diet
Rotate with confidence! Don't worry about stool issues or stomach upsets - we can make bold statements because we invest in the best organic and bio-available supplements that work!  Don’t limit nutrition - varied amino acid profiles mean overall better health for your pet.


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