Sunset Feed and Supply first opened its doors in 1960 in a rural part of Dade County known as "Horse Country".

Now shopping malls sit on land once used for cattle ranches and strawberry fields. The store opened as an all purpose shop for local ranches.

Many things have changed over the past 50 years. Condos and shopping malls consume most of the land, computers and tablets replace old time cash registers, cats and dogs have become popular pets, but horses and other farm animals have managed to prevail, keeping "Horse Country" alive and well along with Sunset Feed.

We are now a 3rd. generation family owned business still selling horse feed, hay, farm and pet supplies as well as jeans, boots, hats and an extensive line of Tack and riding apparel. We've added a few things to our inventory over the years, remodeled a few times and computerized everything.

But one thing has never changed. Our dedication to our customers. When you walk through the door, the smell of leather greets you along with a smile from our friendly and courteous staff.

If you are looking for how the west was worn, feed for your animals or just a friendly smile, come by and see the experts, or shop with us online. Either way, we'll treat you the same.

From cow pastures to urban sprawls, we have seen it all!.

Ride or "surf" into the Sunset and let us share our success with you.